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“Ceylon, the little island off the southern tip of India, from whatever direction you approach it, unfolds a scene of loveliness and grandeur unsurpassed, if it be rivaled, by any land in the Universe”

So starts one of the prolific writers of Sri Lanka in the nineteenth century, Sir James Emerson Tenant, in his book Ceylon, modern day Sri Lanka. Renowned as a great holiday destination in the tropics, it is hard to beat Sri Lanka’s alluring multicultural, multi faceted ambience and magnificence.  The island of Sri Lanka is a land of variety and texture, a foreigner visiting Sri Lanka is exposed to a multitude of colours and rhythms of many cultures, smiles of hospitality, hot & spicy food, a true paradise with breath taking scenic landscapes and medley of lush green & brown paddy fields, cooler climates and an unhurried way of life from the moment he sets foot in Sri Lanka. Inland lakes to wild waters of the rivers will vie for your attention, along with a coastline that seems endless nestled among these you will find our little hotels where time will stand still.
As owner |operator of seven small luxury hotels from the Southern beaches to the Central hills and as an eco tourism facilitator, our properties are located off the beaten track, in places of serenity offering genuine & rustic Sri Lankan experiences. With our concept of providing “affordable luxury” to the local as well as the foreign traveler, our rooms set facing the most scenic locations island wide, offer the same facilities at the same price. Join the select traveler who wishes to see the other half, seldom visited in Sri Lanka, we have no breakfast buffets or noisy crowds to break the stillness of nature.

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