The best way to get to Birds Park, is by travelling via Naramala, passing katunayake (E02) Via Minuwangoda. Located about 01 and a ½ hours from Colombo is the ideal day outing and vacation destination of choice. Once you pass through the lush paddy fields on the windy road passing the hand pottery village, you'll get to a little hillock standing almost alone, a steep climb will bring you to the door step of this unique property. Alternatively one could traverse via kandy road and turn off at Warakapola and continue through to Polgahawela.

Winds rush through,
Treks to walk,
Great food & hot water
Memorable BBQ
Birds Park philharmonics!

Comprised of 06 modern rooms that are set in two different levels to ensure privacy, offers the best vistas of the valley covered in coconut palms below. All rooms come standard with modern en-suite with coir floor in the bed room to keep the chill out at nights. Hot & cold water comes standard and has room service. Queen size beds with crispy clean sheets are great to snuggle in the night and keep you warm and cozy during the night.

A roof top terrace offers the best views in the crispy clear nights and the pin pricked with stars. The absence of manmade sounds will remind you gently how secluded you are and the chilly wind will whisper across your ears and lull you to a well earned sleep. The ideal honeymoon getaway, ensuring privacy and seclusion!

A hot meal after a day of trekking
Or just relaxing by the rock pool with
a cup of fresh brewed tea,
Listening to the stillness of the surroundings

The chef would be glad to cook whatever you might want to have, of course the choice is yours to either be on pension basis or set menu. The food comes without the additives in these parts of Sri Lanka, where the cooks love to show their prowess in whatever they cook rather than get outside help to do it.

This is coconut & fruit country, so best you enjoy both in their freshest form, visit the hotel very own pineapple plantation while trekking along the 02 Km long walk around the property.

In the area  
Trek through waterfalls and forest patches
Paddy fields and vegetable plots
Uphill and downhill
Through culture and tradition
And most of all the ever smiling people

Renagala temple: (15 minutes) a Buddhist shrine located about two kilometers away from the hotel dates back to the Dambadeniya era, according to legend King Walagambahu had amassed troupes during battles here though no remnants have been found. 

Kandy : (1 ½ hours )Noted as the last Kingdom of Sri Lanka has many places to visit, Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic being the highlight. It is located in the royal palace complex which houses the sacred tooth relic of the lord Buddha. Kandy was the last capital of the Sri Lankan kings and is a UNESCO world heritage site partly due to the temple.

Excursions to Kandy : ( 03 hours | 04 Locations ) Degaldoruwe Viharaya: Located at the village of Amunugama, 7km from Kandy Famous for its murals on the wall separating the vestibule from the inner chamber and on the natural rock ceiling are portrayed as continuous stories.

Lankatilake Viharya
: Located at Handessa, 12km from the Peradeniya, bridge in Kandy district built on the summit of a rock called Panhalgala provides a magnificent panoramic view of the surrounding hills, paddy fields and the diverse vegetation around it.

Embekke Devale :
shrine is located in the village of Embekke close to Daulgala of Udunuwara division, about 13km from 

Arguably the finest living example of architecture and art of in wood in Sri Lanka. It’s treasure trove, almost every inch of the wooden structures are decorated with elaborate carvings: rafters, beams columns, brackets, door-ways, doors and windows. Nothing is spared.

Gadaladeniya Raja Maha Viharaya
built on a rock at the village of Gadaladeniya on the border of Udunuwara and Yatinuwara. of Kandy District. Gadaladeniya is a popular village that produces traditional metalwork ornaments of Sri Lanka.

Dambulla : ( 1 ½ Hours Excursion)  Rock Cave Temple (UNESCO world heritage site) can be reached by coming from Kandy(68km) along A9 road which runs up through Dambulla and Anuradhapura, or direct from Colombo. Located at an elevation of 1118 feet from the sea level, the Dambulugala raises as a massive rock from the surrounding plains of Dambulla. It is home to the World’s most acclaimed Cave complex of magnificent Buddha Images and Rock Paintings of vivid colours and shapes constructed and painted from around the 2nd Century BC (Anuradhapura era) and continued up to the Kandyan era of the 18th Century, thus forming an unbroken line of history and painting styles of Sri Lanka through 2500 years.

Sigiriya : (02 hours ) The Sigiriya Rock Fortress (5th Century AD) of Sri Lanka is situated in Matale district near Dambulla. Recorded as a UNESCO world heritage, Sigiriya being a fortress citadel and had been well designed for its defenses by having ramparts and moats built around it. There are several approaches to the inner city and the most prominent is the Western entrance. From the summit of the rock, the land areas up to distances of tens of miles can be watched making it hard for the enemy to make a surprised attack to the kingdom. King Kashyapa is credited with this magnificent creation and the elaborate water garden which faces west looking from the top terrace of the rock. The world famous frescoes of the “heavenly maidens” are painted on the western facia of the rock overlooking the fountains of the western water garden, which come alive during the rainy season, remaining functioning to modern day.